St. Edward's Liturgical Dancers

St. Edward/St. Jude Liturgical Dancers performing during Easter Sunday 11:00 Mass, April 23, 2000
Photo courtesy of Captain Nathaniel MITCHELL

A Word About
Vision and History
by Alicia Johnson Butler

The St Edward's Liturgical Dancer Troupe originated during the Spring of 1998, from a vision of Father Thomas James, SVD. In his vision, Father James devised a youth mentoring program. This encouraged youth to participate in the praise and worship of our savior, Lord Jesus Christ. This vision has become a reality.

The group currently consists of twenty young girls ranging in the ages of seven to seventeen. The members are:

Saysha Adams
Hannah Benoit
India Broussard
Leondra Conner
Heidi Jacquet
Brittany Jones
Jessica Mitchell
Raven Mitchell
Symone Mitchell
Ashley Navy
Michelle Reedom
Erin Russell
Jeasia Shello
Karla Sigure
Erynn Sonnier
Vanusha Spencer
Miranda Thomas
Mia Vincent
Ebony Wells
Robin Wells

The group is under the direction of
Alicia Johnson Butler.